Tokyo! (The Endless Wonder)

Up until now, both in my life and on this site, I have been so focused on getting settled into our new home and my new job that I’ve said almost nothing about where we are…


Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 8.23.12 AM.png



And for those of you who love to geek out on history, urban planning, and/or the marvels of what human beings are able to accomplish when we work together:

…Is it possible to fall in love with 39 million people at once?!

So, it’s 8:03 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and I have a major dilemma…there are just too many amazing things to do today! Do we go to a world-class museum? (And which one?? Modern art, animation, political, historical, Japanese, Western, architectural? Or should we go to the new immersive digital museum? Or the upcoming exhibit on catastrophe and the power of art? …There are dozens of possibilities.) Do we attend one of this weekend’s festivals? (Indian, Czech, Red Spider Lily, or the one where locals are processing through the streets, pretending to be samurai, geisha, courtesans and other historical characters?) How about a movie? Oh wait…Hollywood, Japanese, international indie, or film festival? Or perhaps we should go window-shopping…but which world-famous shopping district should we choose? Or maybe we should slow down, and stroll through a park, or visit a temple/shrine…but do we want to see flowers, trees, or art? Buddhist or Shinto? Lesser-known God, or widely-adored Goddess?

From time-to-time, in the street, a station, or at home, I turn to Tomo and say, with genuine awe and more than a little Christmas morning-level excitement, “We LIVE here!!!” 

I am searching for a metaphor that describes what living in Tokyo is like — something that illustrates that the further you go, the more you discover, and the more you realize there is to find. An onion? A labyrinth? The ocean? Marriage?


Bwahaha! …But I digress.

(It really might take 38 years to get to the green sproutie core of this city!)

For a girl with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), however, the struggle is real. So, I’ve decided to get strategic. To attempt to harness the endless opportunity, today we’ll go to my favorite stationery/school supplies shop*, purchase a dry erase board and large wall calendar, and begin mapping where we want to go, and when. We have two years…how will we see it all? How will we do it all? (And maybe most importantly, how will we eat it all??)

I’ll keep you posted, and be sure to take pictures!


Walking in a nearby neighborhood after dinner ❤

…Oh, and p.s. Did I mention we are hosting the 2020 Olympics, and that the volunteer application opens any day now?


xoxo, Lilli

*My new favorite stationery shop: Yes, there are rows upon rows of the most adorable, classy, and creative stickers you have ever seen. Yes, there are handmade pop-up cards depicting Japanese seasonal traditions that play music. Yes, there are letter-writing sets the like of which I have not seen in the U.S. in at least a decade (have you tried buying a stationery set lately?). Yes, they have colored pens from all the best brands in the world.
And finally: yes, there are animal post-its. And animal paperclips. And animal binder clips. And animal…you get the picture.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo! (The Endless Wonder)

  1. Are those your photos at the top? So neony colorful! And I AM envious of the stationery shop(s). I would love looking at the cards, stickers, & writing sets. Maybe you can finesse taking a picture inside the shop, showing a couple things for sale.


    1. Hello Miss Cindy! I apologize for the delay in response…I have been taking a bit of a hiatus from social media, and turning inward (as tends to be my wont in the Fall). Those photos are from Google images, to give you all a sense of the scale of this place…the last one is of course Tomo’s. 🙂 Yes, the staionery shops here are amazing. I will take pictures next time I go! Great idea. Japanese paper art is just incredible, and the endless accoutrements as creative as they are cute. ❤


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